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Acer’s New Extreme E-Scooter: The Game-Changing High Performance Electric Mobility Solution!

Acer made a splash in the electric mobility space last year with the ebii ebike, and now the company’s Predator gaming arm is adding to the excitement with the introduction of the Extreme e-scooter.

Valerie Piau, representing Acer EMEA, expressed excitement about the launch of the Predator Extreme e-scooter, emphasizing Acer’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly technology. The company plans to expand its product lineup for off-road electric scooters and bicycles, aiming to provide a comprehensive range of e-mobility solutions to a wider user base.

The Predator Extreme e-scooter features a bold mini-moto design, a 350-W (960-W peak) motor, suspension fork and rear coil shock, 10-inch pneumatic all-terrain tires, and integrated lighting with turn signaling. This sturdy build allows riders to perform stunts like wheelies, jumps, and curb hops, providing a fun and versatile riding experience on trails and slopes.

The e-scooter is powered by a removable 36-V/10.5-Ah battery pack, offering a range of up to 35 km (22 miles) and a torque of 40 Nm (29.5 lb.ft). With speed modes of 6 km/h, 15 km/h, and 25 km/h (15.5 mph), the Predator Extreme promises an exciting and customizable ride.

Equipped with a dual disc braking system and rated for weather protection to IPX5 standards, the Predator Extreme e-scooter promises a safe and enjoyable riding experience. The scooter made its debut at Tapei Cycle 2023 and is set to be available for purchase in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa from Q2, starting at a price of €1,299.

Acer’s foray into electric mobility demonstrates a concerted effort to provide innovative and sustainable technology solutions, catering to the diverse needs of consumers. With its aggressive design and impressive specs, the Predator Extreme e-scooter is poised to make a significant impact in the e-mobility market.

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