Can you solve the New York Times’ latest puzzle game Connections? Find out today’s answers!

“Connections” is the newest puzzle game released by the New York Times, challenging players to categorize a set of 16 words into four groups based on their connections. The game resets daily at midnight, with each puzzle varying in difficulty. Similar to the popular game Wordle, players can track their winning streak and compare scores with friends.

To play Connections, players must organize the 16 words into sets of four by identifying the connections that link them. The themes could range from titles of video game franchises to names of chain restaurants. Players can shuffle the words and rearrange them to help visualize the potential connections, with each group color-coded from easiest to most challenging.

Hints and tips are available for those struggling to solve the daily puzzle. Today’s themes include “Monotonous Sounds,” “Boats,” “Captains,” and “Prefixes with -cracy.” The one-word reveals for each theme are “Buzz,” “Barge,” “America,” and “Auto” respectively.

For those still unable to solve the puzzle, the New York Times provides the following answers for today’s Connections:

Monotonous Sounds – Buzz, Drone, Hum, Purr
Boats – Barge, Dory, Scow, Sloop
Captains – America, Hook, Morgan, Nemo
Prefixes with -cracy – Auto, Bureau, Demo, Pluto

Connections grids change daily, so players can try again tomorrow if they couldn’t solve today’s puzzle.

Jane Austen

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