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Evgo to Deploy NACS Connectors for Tesla and Non-Tesla | Charging Network Expansion

EVgo (Nasdaq: EVGO) is set to introduce North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors to its DC fast charging network in the upcoming year. This move will cater to both CCS and NACS electric vehicles, with an initial focus on markets with a high presence of NACS vehicles such as Tesla.

The primary goal behind this rollout is to enhance charger utilization, with EVgo witnessing a significant increase in overall network utilization in Q1 2024 compared to the previous year. CEO, Badar Khan, highlights the company’s intention to collaborate with strategic site host partners to deploy fast charging infrastructure in convenient locations for drivers.

Utilizing the plug-and-charge feature, Autocharge+, EVgo caters to both Tesla and future non-Tesla NACS EVs, covering a wide range of electric vehicle models. The deployment of NACS connectors will be unique, given the network’s focus on high-power 350kW chargers with liquid-cooled cable technology, reflecting a substantial increase in the percentage of 350kW chargers compared to the previous year.

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