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McLaren unveils powerful electric mountain bikes, but does the claim of “world’s most powerful” hold true?

McLaren, a renowned name in the high-performance sports car industry, has recently unveiled a line of new electric bikes, including their claim to fame – the “World’s most powerful trail-legal” electric mountain bike.

The new collection features carbon fiber e-bikes in different variants, such as the Extreme 600 and Extreme 250 full-suspension electric mountain bikes, as well as the Sport 600 and Sport 250 hardtail eMTBs.

Equipped with mid-drive motors, the power output of these bikes matches their names – offering 600 and 250 Watts of power, respectively. The 250W models adhere to European regulations, while the 600W models cater to markets with more lenient power restrictions, like North America.

However, the claim of being the “world’s most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bikes” by McLaren may not hold true. In Europe, where most e-bikes are limited to 250W, all models essentially possess the same continuous power rating. Similarly, in the US, where e-bike regulations vary by state, most areas allow up to 750 watts of power for trail use.

While McLaren touts a peak power of 852W and 161 Nm of torque for their 600W e-bike, several other models in the US market exceed these numbers.

Regardless of marketing claims, McLaren’s new electric bikes come at a premium price. The Sport 250 starts at $7,950, featuring a carbon fiber frame, 250W mid-drive motor, 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, and SRAM G2 RE quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes. It also includes a 36V battery, RockShox Pike Rush RC fork, color display, and a carbon wheelset.

For those looking for more power, the Sport 600 is priced at $8,950, while the full-suspension models, Extreme 250 and Extreme 600, come in at $10,950 and $11,950, respectively. These higher-end models boast premium components like a wireless 12-speed SRAM XX Eagle AXS transmission, wireless dropper post, and a RockShox Lyrik Rush RC fork.

In conclusion, McLaren’s electric bikes offer top-tier features but come at a significant cost, making them a high-end option for electric bike enthusiasts.


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