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Premium Velotric Discover 2: Cutting-Edge Electric Bike Performance and Design

Discover the Exceptional Velotric Discover 2 Electric Bike

Velotric’s electric bikes set themselves apart from the competition with more than just their vibrant colors. Beyond the surface, these bikes boast a range of unique features that contribute to their high performance and exceptional quality. Let’s delve into the details of the Velotric Discover 2 to understand what makes these premium e-bikes stand out.

UL Certification for Safety and Quality

Velotric prioritizes safety by obtaining UL certification for both the battery and the entire e-bike. Unlike many other brands that rely on third-party tests, Velotric directly seeks UL certification from Underwriter Laboratories. The battery is certified to UL 2849, while the drive system of the e-bike is certified to UL 2271. This rigorous testing ensures that every component of the bike meets the highest safety standards, giving riders peace of mind.

Proprietary Drive System for Optimal Performance

Unlike other e-bike manufacturers that assemble bikes from off-the-shelf components, Velotric designs its e-bikes with proprietary systems for superior quality and performance. With a dedicated manufacturing team and numerous patents, Velotric ensures that all components work seamlessly together to deliver unmatched torque and range. This attention to detail not only enhances performance but also streamlines the production process, resulting in faster deliveries.

Hand-Finished Bead Welded Frame for Durability

The Velotric Discover 2 features a meticulously crafted frame with hand-finished bead welding, which ensures both strength and aesthetic appeal. This quality construction sets Velotric apart from other e-bike brands that may compromise on welding standards. The robust frame design contributes to the bike’s longevity and safety, backed by a generous two-year warranty.

Convenient Battery Handle for Easy Handling

A thoughtful addition to the Velotric Discover 2 is the built-in battery handle, providing a secure and comfortable grip for carrying the battery. This feature not only enhances convenience but also improves safety when handling the battery. The handle folds away when not in use, maintaining the bike’s sleek appearance.

Waterproof Design for All-Weather Riding

Velotric goes above and beyond by ensuring that the Discover 2 is waterproof, with the battery boasting an IPX7 rating and the rest of the bike rated at IPX6. This impressive waterproofing allows riders to confidently ride in various weather conditions and even pressure wash the bike without concerns. The bike’s resilience to water adds to its overall durability and ease of maintenance.

Powerful Motor and Suspension for Enhanced Performance

The Velotric Discover 2 is equipped with a true 750W continuous-rated motor, providing exceptional power and torque for climbing hills and accelerating smoothly. The bike’s hydraulic suspension fork with 80mm of travel absorbs bumps and vibrations, offering a comfortable ride on any terrain. Additionally, the 15 levels of pedal assist settings cater to a wide range of riding preferences, ensuring a customized and enjoyable riding experience.

Innovative Apple FindMy Integration for Security

For added security, the Velotric Discover 2 features Apple FindMy technology, allowing riders to track their bike in case of theft or loss. This integration harnesses Apple’s extensive network to provide real-time tracking, offering peace of mind to riders. The attention to detail in security features reflects Velotric’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure riding experience.

Experience the Velotric Difference

Velotric’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through in every aspect of the Discover 2 electric bike. From safety certifications to innovative features, Velotric delivers a premium riding experience that stands out in a crowded market. Explore the full range of Velotric e-bikes on their website and use the promo code electrekv1rv60 to enjoy $60 off your new e-bike.


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