Sustainable chess set aiding Kharkiv reconstruction: kindachess – s by cuibiono

Chess is a strategic and competitive game that requires meticulous planning and clear objectivity. Through gameplay, it instills cognitive thinking and benefits mental well-being. Cuibiono, a design-first not-for-profit organization, is using recycled biomaterials and 3D printing to create a new chess set that not only promotes sustainability but also supports the restoration efforts in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Kindachess – S set is inspired by the war-torn region and features a board segmented to represent the nation under war. When stacked, the dividing lines form the Ukrainian flag, symbolizing unity and the desire to return home. Designed by Liam Hwang, the chess set is compact, stackable, and sustainably produced in Hackney, London. Cuibiono is dedicated to sustainability, with all products crafted from eco-friendly materials. The chess set is available in wheat and sky, ivory and walnut color contrasts for £200 (approximately $250). Purchase now to support the cause and become part of a caring community.


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