Transform your water source with the revolutionary Atmospheric Water Dispenser for clean and safe drinking water

If you’re looking for a solution to clean up your tap water or avoid purchasing bottled water, the innovative air-to-water converter from DrinkingMaker might be just what you need. Known as “The Next-Gen 3-in-1 Atmospheric Water Dispenser,” this gadget functions as a dehumidifier, water purifier, and air cleaner all in one compact machine.

The AWD operates by extracting humidity from the air and passing it through a sophisticated six-stage filtration system. This system utilizes cotton, activated charcoal, and other filtering materials to eliminate contaminants, while UV light is used to eradicate any remaining microbes, resulting in water that boasts a 99.9% purification rate. Additionally, the machine features an air filter with HEPA technology to ensure that the air is clean as well.

Filter cartridges for the AWD are easy to access and can be quickly installed and removed, making maintenance a breeze. The gadget also offers the option to enhance the purified water with minerals through additional cartridges and can even deliver ice water within two minutes of chilling.

Available in two sizes, the Primary Edition yields up to 14 liters of clean water per day, while the Pro Edition can produce up to 19 liters daily. For those who want to take the AWD on the go, a solar-panel add-on allows users to pull in drinking water from the ambient air in outdoor settings like campgrounds.

While the concept of harvesting water from air is not new, the AWD stands out for its affordability compared to similar products on the market. Priced at $329 for the Primary Edition and $339 for the Pro Edition on their Indiegogo campaign, backers have shown overwhelming support, with the campaign exceeding 2,200% of its initial funding goal.

If all goes according to plan, the AWDs are expected to ship starting in September 2024. To learn more about this innovative water solution, you can visit DrinkingMaker’s Indiegogo page and watch the promotional video showcasing the AWD in action.

Jane Austen

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