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Velocity Truck Rental Powers Up with 47 High-Powered Charging Stations in Southern California

Velocity Truck Rental is taking significant steps to support the electrification of commercial fleets by installing 47 high-powered charging stations at four key dealer locations in Southern California. These charging stations are already in place and are scheduled to be operational by the end of this month at VTRL facilities in Rancho Dominguez, Fontana, the City of Industry, and San Diego.

The charging network includes 45 120 kW Detroit e-Fill chargers, along with two DCFC stations from ChargePoint, all specifically chosen to cater to the needs of medium and heavy-duty battery electric work trucks. Velocity Truck Rental selected the Detroit e-Fill chargers for their proven ability to rapidly charge Class 8 Freightliner eCascadias, Class 6 and 7 Freightliner eM2 box trucks, and RIZON Class 4 and 5 cabover trucks to 80% state of charge in 90 minutes or less.

According to David Deon, the President of Velocity Truck Rental, the company is committed to leading the way in electric mobility and actively shaping the transition. By investing in high-powered charging infrastructure along key transit routes, Velocity Truck Rental is providing essential support for customers looking to transition to electromobility solutions and comply with Advanced Clean Fleets regulations.

Velocity Truck Rental plans to offer flexible charging options, including managed subscription plans and self-managed charging during daily routes. Drivers and operators can take advantage of comfortable break rooms with amenities such as WIFI, television, snacks, water, and restrooms while their trucks are charging.

While the move towards electric trucks may seem like a necessary compliance with California regulations, the transition to an all-electric, zero-emission commercial trucking fleet is a significant milestone worth celebrating. By investing in sustainable infrastructure and supporting customers in their electrification journey, Velocity Truck Rental is setting a positive example for the industry.

(Source: Global Newswire; Daimler Trucks)


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