Elevate Your Adventure with the Hardsider HardTent: The Ultimate Rooftop Shelter

Rooftop tents have gained popularity for their convenience and elevated shelter they provide. While most rooftop tents come with a hardtop, the Hardsider HardTent sets itself apart by offering solid walls on every side. Unlike other hardshell rooftop tents that are bulky and heavy, the Hardsider HardTent is compact and lightweight, making it a more practical option for rooftop camping.

The tent features custom honeycomb composite panels that allow for the solid walls to fold neatly inside the tent box. It also boasts waterproof insulation and air intakes for proper ventilation, ensuring a comfortable interior no matter the weather. The interior of the tent includes a mattress with a Froli spring system, providing both cushioning and airflow for a good night’s rest.

With a interior floorspace of 90 x 52 inches, the Hardsider HardTent comfortably sleeps two people. The custom rack with integrated gasket system prevents water from seeping through when the tent is collapsed. Weighing 200 pounds, the tent is priced at $6,000, making it a more affordable option compared to other hardshell rooftop tents on the market. Don’t miss out on this innovative and practical rooftop tent for your next outdoor adventure.


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