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Exploring the innovative Madeiguinco Pego: A Timber-Crafted Tiny Home for Wild Adventures

Madeiguinco, a Portugal-based tiny home designer, has recently introduced its latest offering – the Pego. In a market saturated with tiny homes, the Pego manages to stand out by showcasing the firm’s exceptional woodworking skills and focus on creating timber dwellings. This compact tiny home is designed for adventurous souls, equipped with a solar panel setup to be your perfect companion in the wild.

The Pego tiny home measures 16 feet in length, making it one of the smaller European tiny homes available. Built on a double-axle trailer and adorned with wooden finishes, this home truly exemplifies Madeiguinco’s craftsmanship. Both the interior and exterior are finished in wood, with attention to detail evident in the window shutters and doors. Solar panels sit atop the home, ensuring continuous power supply no matter where you roam. Additionally, the home features a standard RV-style hookup for convenience.

Entering the Pego tiny home, you are welcomed by double glass doors leading into a combined living room/kitchen area. This space includes a spacious L-shaped sofa with built-in storage, a sink, cabinetry, an electric cooktop, and additional storage options. A mini wood-burning stove adds a touch of coziness reminiscent of camping in the great outdoors.

The ground floor of the Pego tiny home hosts a bathroom complete with a shower, sink, and toilet. Interestingly, the bathroom features a secondary door providing direct access to the outdoors – a unique feature indeed. The home offers only one bedroom, accessible via a fixed wooden ladder. The bedroom follows a typical tiny home loft-style layout with a low ceiling, providing ample space for a double bed. Madeiguinco’s Pego tiny home is a harmonious blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and utility, perfect for those seeking a cozy retreat in the midst of nature.


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