Madeiguincho Introduces the Brava: A Compact and Rustic Timber Tiny House in Portugal

Madeiguincho, a Portuguese tiny house builder known for its craftsmanship in wood, has recently unveiled its newest model, the Brava. This compact getaway, ideal for two people, spans just 12 sq m (about 130 sq ft) and showcases the company’s expertise in timber construction.

Founded by a family of carpenters, Madeiguincho’s design of the Brava reflects decades of experience working with wood. Situated on a scenic farm in the Portuguese countryside, this tiny house serves as a tranquil retreat for an artist and her daughter. With a length of 5 m (16 ft), it is significantly smaller than other North American models like the Pisgah Park Model and even more compact than the Mirasol by France’s Baluchon.

The Brava tiny house boasts a charming wooden exterior and features a porch area that extends the living space. This outdoor area includes a table, chairs, and storage, perfect for enjoying meals al fresco. Stepping inside through double glass doors, the interior exudes a simple rustic charm with a plywood finish and distressed furniture that complements its farm setting beautifully.

The ground floor of the Brava is cleverly designed with a raised double bed that serves as both a bedroom and a day bed. Given the limited space, this multi-functional bed also provides integrated storage. The kitchen, though compact, offers essential amenities such as a sink, cabinetry, and basic cooking facilities.

Connecting to the kitchen is the bathroom, complete with a shower, sink, and toilet. The Brava also features a loft bedroom accessed by a storage-integrated staircase, providing a cozy sleeping space with a double bed and a typical tiny house-style low ceiling.

While the price of the Brava is not yet disclosed, its thoughtful design and efficient use of space make it a charming option for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle in a picturesque setting. Experience the beauty of timber craftsmanship with Madeiguincho’s Brava tiny house.

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