Nissan delays EV production in Canton

The launch of a new electric crossover SUV in the US, reminiscent of Nissan’s Rogue Sport, is on the horizon. This upcoming Nissan Rogue-like electric SUV will mark the fifth electric vehicle produced at Nissan’s Canton, Miss plant. However, there have been delays in EV production once again, following a $500 million investment being put on hold by Nissan.

Nissan has recently announced a second delay in EV production at the Canton facility. Plans to commence the production of two electric sedans in June 2026 have been postponed to November 2026 due to the necessity to enhance product competitiveness, as mentioned in a note to suppliers. The automaker has instructed suppliers to halt all development activities related to the EV sedan project until further notice, as indicated in a memo obtained by Automotive News.

Expecting a further update in mid-June, Nissan has not set a new start date for the production. Nissan America’s chairperson, Jérémie Papin, emphasized the importance of launching vehicles that cater to customer demand at the right time. In addition to the delayed sedans, Nissan has unveiled plans for the introduction of a Rogue-like electric SUV, codenamed PZ1L, which is projected to be similar in size to the Nissan Rogue Sport.

The new electric SUV will join the lineup of EVs produced in Canton, alongside the electric sedans. Despite the current delays and uncertainties, Nissan is facing pressure from suppliers seeking answers and clarity regarding EV production. The company aims to provide clarity on its EV production plans soon to meet the market demand.

While Nissan’s production capacity at the Canton plant is reduced, with the imminent end of Titan production and an extension in Altima production, the automaker is looking to strengthen its presence in the US market. With increasing competition and shifting customer preferences, Nissan’s plans for EV production will play a crucial role in the brand’s future success.

As Nissan navigates through challenges and changes in the automotive industry, the launch of the new Nissan Rogue-like electric SUV will be a pivotal moment for the company. Stay tuned for more updates on Nissan’s EV production strategy as the automotive landscape continues to evolve.

Jane Austen

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