Struggling with today’s Connections puzzle from the New York Times? Get the answers here!

Looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game? Look no further than Connections, the newest game from the New York Times. In this game, you are tasked with grouping 16 words into four secret categories by figuring out their connections. Each puzzle resets daily at midnight, providing a new challenge every day. Similar to Wordle, you can track your winning streak and compare scores with friends.

To play Connections, you simply organize 16 words into four sets of four by identifying the connections between them. The game covers a wide range of themes, from video game titles to shades of red. You can shuffle the words to help visualize potential connections and each group is color-coded by difficulty.

If you’re stumped on today’s puzzle, we’ve got you covered with some hints and even the answers. Today’s themes are Comfy Shoes, Things Made With Feathers, Programming Languages, and Things That Can Strike. Need a little help? Here are one-word reveals for each theme:

Comfy Shoes – Croc
Things Made With Feathers – Boa
Programming Languages – Basic
Things That Can Strike – Cobra

And if you still can’t crack the code, here are today’s Connections answers:

Comfy Shoes – Croc, Loafer, Moccasin, Slipper
Things Made With Feathers – Boa, Headdress, Pillow, Shuttlecock
Programming Languages – Basic, Java, Python, Ruby
Things That Can Strike – Cobra, Inspiration, Lightning, Union

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